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"Complex litigation" is a lawsuit that presents unusual challenges because of the high stakes related to the outcome, the underlying facts, the quantity or nature of documents at issue, the number of parties, or the science and knowledge needed to understand the facts. Skill, patience, and the ability to comprehend the interactions of multiple variables are all required to handle complex litigation efficiently. Examples of cases that may be considered “complex litigation” might include environmental litigation, legal malpractice, medical malpractice, civil rights cases, anti-trust lawsuits, cybersquatting, and wrongful death cases. Complex litigation often requires the attorney to learn not just the law, but the science behind the case. The founder of Phillips Law Firm, Inc., John H. Phillips has a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering and a Master of Science in Engineering. He is eminently qualified to take on the science behind a complex lawsuit. He has handled cases with tens of thousands of documents, and hundreds of litigants. He has defended wrongful death case, and represented plaintiffs in wrongful death cases. Complex litigation requires the attorney to be able to take a complex issue and then present it in plain, simple, understandable terms that a judge and jury can follow and easily understand. At Phillips Law Firm, Inc., we find complex litigation invigorating with the challenges presented. Because of our enthusiasm in this area, our attorneys have litigated in Federal Court and State Court in many complex cases. If your case involves complex facts, or complex legal issues, contact us to discuss what we can do to assist you.
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