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To be successful when negotiating a contract, you need to know the rules and be able to analyze fact situations in the light of those rules. Too often, people do not know the rules of contract law. Sometimes, people read the contract signed for the first time after there is a problem. Then, the party to the contract who had an attorney that knew the rules is most often in the best position to win. Having an attorney write your contract, or at a minimum review a contract before you sign it, may save you a lot of trouble and money in the event something happens and the contract does not go according to plan. The attorneys at Phillips Law Firm, Inc. handle every aspect of contract law. Your investment in legal advice during the creation of a contract can save you the cost of legal fees in the future when questions about how to enforce the contract occur. We make the contract language easy to understand, and we simplify contract documents to prevent confusion. If we are called to litigate contract matters, you will benefit from the years of our experience in the courtroom regarding contract enforcement. We can also assist with the creation, amendment, interpretation and negotiation of business equipment purchases and lease agreements, employment contracts, non-compete agreements, buyout agreements, and commercial and residential real estate purchase agreements.
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