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If you've been arrested and accused of a crime, from a traffic ticket to murder, you need an attorney to protect your rights. At Phillips Law Firm, Inc., our attorneys protect your rights, and ensure your access to a fair trial. By examining the circumstances surrounding your arrest, we can weigh the strength and admissibility of the evidence against you. We then apply the current law to your specific situation and use it to devise a solid legal strategy for your defense. The prosecution must prove every element of a crime in order to convict you. A good lawyer does this for you before discussing plea deals with the prosecution or with you, because this is your constitutionally protected right. If any element of the crime is missing, then you are not guilty, and the prosecution cannot convict you. Your attorney’s job is to examine every element of the crime, and then determine if the prosecution can prove each element. We take particular pride in our ability to handle complex criminal cases such as “white collar crime” cases. If you have been accused of a crime, do not discuss your case with anyone except your attorney. Especially do not talk to the police. You have a constitutional right to remain silent. Beware of jailhouse snitches, and do not talk to any inmates in the jail about what happened. Instead, contact Phillips Law Firm, Inc., and if required, we will come to you to discuss your case. We can protect you.
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