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When someone owes you money, but will not pay, you feel cheated. Dealing with debtors can be frustrating, slow, and mentally taxing. It can drain your resources. It can cause you legal problems. When you have no other recourse, it’s best to hire an attorney to be your debt collector instead of simply letting your debtor get away with not paying you. We help people and businesses collect the money owed through a variety of lawful collection mechanisms. Unless you are familiar with the federal and state laws that protect consumers from certain debt collection practices that are considered unfair, you should allow a qualified attorney to handle your debt collection for you. The attorneys at Phillips Law Firm, Inc. would be happy to do your collection work for you. Typically, we start with the “strong letter, lawsuit to follow” approach to collection matters. We do not tolerate excuses from those who owe you money. When appropriate, we file lawsuits, obtain judgments, garnish wages, and seize assets to collect what is owed to you. Depending on the situation, we may work on a contingency fee, meaning that we only get paid if we collect the money that is owed to you, and then we keep a percentage of what we collect for you. If you are owed money and want to collect it, contact the attorneys at Phillips Law Firm, Inc. for assistance.
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