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Environmental law is a complex series of laws dealing with chemicals, hazardous substances, hazardous wastes, infectious wastes, radioactive materials, and natural resources such as oil, water, air, and land use. The founder of Phillips Law Firm, Inc., John H. Phillips, began his professional career with two degrees in nuclear engineering. While working as an engineer, he attended law school in Minnesota. Recognition of his legal and technical accomplishments have followed his career. He was twice appointed by the Governor to the Hazardous Substance Injury Compensation Board. He worked 5 years with a large law firm in the environmental litigation department, and served 10 years on the County Board of Health. He has helped write and pass a variety of laws designed to protect human health and the environment, while being fair to businesses. He has gone to trial for clients in state and federal court, and before the Ohio Environmental Review and Appeals Commission. He has also taught environmental law at the University of Cincinnati, and has appeared as a guest on radio programs to discuss technical and legal issues regarding environmental law.

John H. Phillips and Phillips Law Firm, Inc. continue to represent clients with environmental law issues. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, communities, community organizations, hospitals, manufacturers, small businesses, gasoline stations, hazardous waste disposal companies, and individuals that have been challenged with the complexities of the environmental laws and regulations. If you have an environmental problem with legal issues, Phillips Law Firm, Inc. has the legal and technical expertise, to understand your problem, develop a complete plan to assist you, and then deliver results at a fair cost to the client, without the cost and overhead of larger law firms.

If you have an environmental problem, and you want to talk to somebody who understands the technical and legal issues that are challenging you, we can help you.
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