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Phillips Law Firm, Inc. counsels owners, developers, communities, action groups, cities, villages, counties, and lenders in all aspects of real estate development. To successfully represent clients with land uses ranging from residential, multi-family and mixed-use projects to office, retail and industrial development, we first identify potential challenges, and then steer a course through the complex regulatory environment to meet our client’s objectives.

Lawyers in this practice handle zoning, subdivision, environmental review, environmental floodplain, and permitting. In addition to obtaining development approvals, we perform due diligence review regarding land use issues relevant to real estate transactions, and we advise property owners on land use and regulatory consequences of eminent domain actions.

We have assisted municipal clients with the development of zoning ordinances for environmental issues, such as the regulation of landfills, and drafting an environmental justice ordinance. Our Lawyers also provide representation on real estate financing, governmental assistance, government relations, property taxation, special assessments and construction.

We have also represented individuals and local businesses opposing the development of adjoining properties that would have a detrimental impact on the community. Our lawyers were successful in preventing a waste transfer station from going into a community, and in another case from preventing a landfill from being constructed in a small Ohio town. In both of these cases, by assisting our clients with development of a non-profit corporation, legal fees were able to be paid with charitable donations, adding an additional layer of saving for our clients.

We have also represented homeowner associations who self-regulate their communities by providing guidance on regulations and enforcements. We have drafted homeowner association regulations that prohibit members who have been convicted of sex crimes, and regulations that limit the number of rental units allowed in an association. We provide guidance on funding for homeowner associations, and represent homeowner associations when disputes arise with members.

Phillips Law Firm, Inc. has been handling land use and zoning for over 25 years in the same convenient location for our clients. Your case is not too complicated, and your issue is not too complex for us. We can help you.
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