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Injuries can be physical, mental, financial, or a combination more than one type of injury. Injuries can be very traumatizing. Finding the right lawyer for your injury can be very frustrating. You can easily find a lawyer to handle an automobile accident, but what if your injury was caused by something less traditional? You need a lawyer that can understand your case and your injuries, and not be intimidated. You need a lawyer that can take a complex issue and explain it in a way that a jury can understand. At Phillips Law Firm, Inc., we enjoy the less traditional injury cases.

For example, we were able to recover money for a child whose finger was severed in a playground accident due to an unsafe condition. We successfully recovered from a funeral home for refusing to have a funeral for a black college student that was killed while being robbed. We successfully recovered from a husband who beat his wife. We successfully recovered in a slip and fall case from a fast food restaurant where the bathrooms required a disabled patron to navigate a flight of stairs to enter. We successfully recovered from a homebuilder that designed an entire subdivision that did not comply with zoning laws. We have successfully recovered from the owners of dogs, and the landlords of renters that allow dogs to be kept on the property, for injuries caused by dogs. We recovered for a death caused by a landlord who incorrectly wired a house. We successfully recovered for a lady who was dropped by an attendant at a nursing home. We successfully recovered for a family whose loved one was beaten to death while in custody of the federal marshals. All of the above cases have one thing in common, they were referred to our office by clients or other attorneys. The cases were referred to us, because we were the law firm that could handle the less traditional injury case.

Having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney working for you is essential in obtaining the best result in your case. Your attorney must be capable of ensuring that your side of the story is seen, heard, and understood by the jury. Your attorney is your advocate. This means that your attorney acts on your behalf and for your benefit throughout the entire legal process. Most importantly, your attorney must get you the maximum compensation for all of your injuries and losses.

Phillips Law Firm, Inc. has been handling injury cases for over 25 years in the same convenient location for our clients. Your case is not too complicated, and your injury is not too complex for us to present to a jury to get the best result for you. If you, your business, or a loved one has been injured in any way, and you believe someone else was the cause, we can help you.
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