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When most people hear the word Probate they automatically think of wills and the administration of a deceased individual’s estate and property. Although it is true that the Probate Court has exclusive jurisdiction over all matters involving the administration and settlement of estates, the Probate Court is also responsible for the following legal proceedings that could affect you at some point during your lifetime.

Adoption Birth Correction Birth Registration
Civil Commitment Civil Proceedings Conservatorship
Custodial Account Delivery of Minor Funds Declaration of Paternity
Disinterment Estate Administration Guardianship
Living Will Minor Settlement Name Change
Trusts Will Deposit Involuntary Treatment for
Alcohol & Drugs

The attorneys at Phillips Law Firm, Inc. regularly practice in the various Probate Courts located in the greater Cincinnati area, including in Hamilton County, Butler County, Warren County, Clermont County, Brown County and Montgomery County

Probate Court is more than just settling a loved one’s estate, or help taking over the care and control of a family member’s financial affairs, or determining if you were inappropriately excluded from a loved one’s will. So if you need assistance with any of the legal proceedings that must go through Probate Court, we can help. The attorneys at Phillips Law Firm, Inc. can provide you the guidance, advice and assistance on a variety of Probate matters.
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