BUSINESS PLANNING CINCINNATI: 7 Steps to Prepare Your Business for Sale

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1. Get your books in order. A buyer evaluating your business will usually ask for at least three years’ worth of financial information. The more formal your statements, the better. In many situations, your income tax returns will be sufficient.

2. Understand your profitability. Many closely held businesses claim a variety of nonoperational expenses as deductions. Make sure you have supporting documentation for these expenses. For example, your business may be paying for your personal automobile lease.

3. Make a good first impression.  Your buyer is going to be more interested if your company shows well.  An orderly shop is usually indicative of a quality management team and operations.

4. Make sure your legal paperwork is up to date. Review your incorporation papers, permits, licensing agreements, leases, customer and vendor contracts. Make sure you have them available for your buyer and his team to review.

5. Consider management succession. A big question for the buyer will be, who is going to run the business after it is sold?  Who are the key managers?  Do they have employment contracts or non-competes?

6. Know your reason for selling.  The buyer is going to ask you why you are selling. Be prepared with an honest and articulate answer.

7. Get your team in place. Make sure you have an experienced attorney and accountant on your team.  You may also want to consider a business broker or an investment banker to help you through the process.

Selling, or trying to sell, your business can take a lot of time and mental energy.  So, as you work this process, don’t let it become such a distraction that the performance of your company suffers.   Allow, your advisors to help you through the process, while you keep maximizing the value of business.

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