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Our attorneys draw upon their diverse backgrounds to provide strategic and creative solutions to complex legal problems. Our diversity includes backgrounds in engineering and business to political science, education, mathematics, insurance and journalism. As trial lawyers, we have nearly 100 years of combined legal experience. We thoroughly analyze each and every detail to craft solid legal strategies that are aimed at results - while remaining well-grounded in the law. Our attention to detail has helped not only to achieve results, but also to shape and define the law. 

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Protecting Your Interest Throughout The Probate Process

An encounter with the probate court typically comes at the worse time in your life and is the last thing anyone wants to deal with after losing a loved one. But unfortunately, probate is not always avoidable.

From dividing up an estate without a will to contesting a will or a trust, the probate process is sometimes the only way to address certain issues. As such, it is best handled with the guidance of a capable and compassionate attorney. Trust your case to the trial-ready lawyers of Phillips Law Firm, Inc., today.

We Are Mindful Of Your Time, Money And Peace

Probate can be expensive and drawn-out, made even more difficult by the emergence of disputes. But in enlisting our services from the start, you can more efficiently navigate the process to save yourself time and money.

In matters of probate law, let us help you:

With us by your side, you can fight to ensure that your loved one’s legacy and wishes were properly carried out. Get the peace of mind you deserve by contacting our firm today.

Attorneys With Diverse Skills To Serve All Your Legal Needs

Situated in the heart of Montgomery, Ohio, we are a general practice law firm made up of talented lawyers from diverse backgrounds. Each of our attorneys brings a plethora of skills to the courtroom floor and together offer nearly 100 years of combined experience.

Our service area includes communities in and around the greater Cincinnati area. Call 513-985-2500 to take advantage of our extensive knowledge of probate law or send us an email to schedule a risk-free consultation.