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Our attorneys draw upon their diverse backgrounds to provide strategic and creative solutions to complex legal problems. Our diversity includes backgrounds in engineering and business to political science, education, mathematics, insurance and journalism. As trial lawyers, we have nearly 100 years of combined legal experience. We thoroughly analyze each and every detail to craft solid legal strategies that are aimed at results - while remaining well-grounded in the law. Our attention to detail has helped not only to achieve results, but also to shape and define the law. 

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OHIO Auto Accident Attorneys

Your automobile accident can be a temporary inconvenience or a life-changing event. You have a lot of questions. Who pays for the damage to your car? Are you entitled to a rental car? Who will pay for your medical bills? How do you make ends meet while you are out of work? How do you live with a painful injury for the rest of your life? How will you ever stop missing the person who died in the crash? What caused the accident in the first place? The right attorney must be able to answer these questions.

You need an attorney who knows the law, not just how to negotiate a settlement. You need an attorney who will investigate your accident, gather the facts and file a lawsuit on your behalf. You must hire an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced, especially when you are going up against the experience and knowledge of the attorneys hired to defend the person who injured you. The right attorney will know what to do. Attorneys at Phillips Law Firm, Inc., have been named for inclusion to the Ohio Super Lawyers list, an honor reserved for those lawyers who exhibit excellence in practice. Another attorney at Phillips Law Firm, Inc., has been named for inclusion to the Rising Stars Ohio Super Lawyers list.

Holding Negligent Drivers Accountable

At Phillips Law Firm, Inc., we look for the root cause of an automobile accident so that the negligence of the person who hurt you can be understood by the jury when deliberating your case. This critical step is too often overlooked by lawyers. Accidents don’t just happen. Unless the jury understands the cause of the accident, the jury may see the person who injured you as a victim also. In evaluating a case, we first look for the three most common causes of car accidents: distracted driving, speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol. Other causes of car accidents include driver fatigue, reckless driving, defective car parts, bad weather conditions, and unsafe roadways. We make the jury understand why the accident happened and why the accident should have been avoided.

Those who drink and drive are in a separate class of negligent drivers. The law provides that not only are drunk drivers responsible for your injuries, but the law can punish them with severe punitive damage awards and criminal prosecution for accidents they cause. The bar that served the drunk driver the alcohol can also be liable, but many attorneys avoid suing the bar because the cases are difficult. At Phillips Law Firm, Inc., we do not shy away from suing those responsible.

Our lawyers know how to investigate and develop the necessary evidence to support your personal injury claim. We cover every angle. From gathering and analyzing police reports and witness statements we are experienced in developing the facts surrounding the accident. We address medical records and bills, as well as employment records and lost wages to maximize compensation. We hire accident reconstruction professionals to look at the cars, trucks and motorcycles involved. We look at the scene, and put the evidence together to show the cause of the accident. We have had professional animation videos made to show exactly how an accident occurred, which is a technique that places the jury inside the car to see the accident from your seat in the car as it happens.

You need a lawyer who will advocate for you. Our trial lawyers work hard at every stage to act on your behalf. We do what is necessary to act on your behalf and for your benefit throughout the entire claims process, from negotiating with the automobile insurance company, to presenting your case to a jury. We develop the fact to give you a solid voice in court – telling your side of the dispute. Most importantly, your attorney must get you the maximum compensation for all of your injuries and losses. Having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney working for you is essential in obtaining the best result in your car accident case.

Phillips Law Firm, Inc., has been handling automobile accident cases for over 25 years in the same convenient location for our clients. Your case is not too complicated, and your injuries are not too complex for us to present to a jury to get the best result for you. If you have been injured, and you believe someone else was the cause of your injuries, we can help you.

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