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Trucking Accident Law n Ohio

When a trucker has an accident on the highway, it is almost always avoidable, and it is oftentimes the trucker’s fault. Truckers are under pressure to get the load to its destination on time, using outdated or unsafe equipment. At Phillips Law Firm, Inc., we understand the pressures on trucking, and we know what to look for when evaluating a trucking accident. How do we know? Because before going to college, John H. Phillips had his commercial driver’s license and drove a Mack truck in the coal mines of southeastern Ohio.

He knows firsthand about driver fatigue during 12-hour shifts hauling coal over the road from mine to tipple, and he personally observed drivers who kept a six-pack of beer in a lunch bucket. He saw retreaded tires on the front of trucks blow out hauling 25-ton loads, he saw air brakes fail from lack of proper maintenance, and he saw a driver put an entire rig over the side of a 60-foot drop-off when the operator was untrained in the proper way to downshift a 17-speed transmission.

Experienced Truck Accident Attorney

Trucking accidents require a different kind of attorney. Almost every attorney drives a car, but how many trial attorneys have been commercial truck drivers? If you have been the victim of a trucking accident, you need an attorney who knows what questions to ask, what evidence to secure and what to investigate when piecing together the cause of trucking accidents. Phillips Law Firm, Inc., has handled trucking accidents involving track-car crashes, truck fires and loss of loads. We have represented truck drivers, trucking companies, automobile drivers and freight shippers in recovering the losses and injuries caused by trucking accidents.

We understand that just because a truck was involved in an accident, the trucker is not always at fault. Automobile drivers often fail to understand that the stopping distance, turning radius and maneuverability of a truck are not the same as a car. Automobiles can cause trucking accidents by cutting off trucks in traffic, passing unsafely and driving in the blind spot directly behind a big rig. Truckers will tell you, drafting may be great for NASCAR, but it is not a safe way to follow a truck, and if your attorney does not know what this means, you need an attorney who understands trucking.

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Phillips Law Firm, Inc., has been handling trucking cases for over 25 years in the same convenient location for our clients. Your case is not too complicated, and your injury is not too complex for us to present to a jury to get the best result for you. If you, your business or a loved one has been injured in any way related to a trucking accident, and you believe someone else was the cause, we can help you.

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