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Our attorneys draw upon their diverse backgrounds to provide strategic and creative solutions to complex legal problems. Our diversity includes backgrounds in engineering and business to political science, education, mathematics, insurance and journalism. As trial lawyers, we have nearly 100 years of combined legal experience. We thoroughly analyze each and every detail to craft solid legal strategies that are aimed at results - while remaining well-grounded in the law. Our attention to detail has helped not only to achieve results, but also to shape and define the law. 

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Understanding Business Law

The role of a business/corporate lawyer is to ensure that a business operates within the bounds of the law. To represent a business, the business/corporate lawyer must think of the business as if it were a separate person. As a separate person, the business has its own identity, and it has specific laws that it must follow. The laws specific to businesses include the legality of contracts and commercial transactions, foreign trade laws, and the legal rights and duties of corporate officers and shareholders when dealing with employees and taxes.

Business law also deals with the creation of new businesses and the issues that arise as existing businesses interact with the public, other companies, and the government. A good business lawyer will know tax law, intellectual property, real estate, sales, employment law, commercial transactions, banking, bankruptcy, and other areas of the law as needed by the business. Business law attorneys focus on the operation of the business, and usually call on others to represent clients in court. In fact, business lawyers are most often hired for the specific purpose of avoiding mistakes that might otherwise result in a lawsuit or a dispute with the government.

Trusted Ohio Business Law Attorneys

The attorneys at Phillips Law Firm, Inc. have the knowledge and experience to deal with all aspects of contract lawtax law, accounting, business creationnon-profit lawdebt collection, securities law, bankruptcy, intellectual property rights, licensing, zoning laws, and the laws specific to the business being represented. Our attorneys have represented businesses with one shareholder up to the largest publicly traded companies in the world.

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