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OHIO Noncompete Agreement Attorneys

Employers use noncompete agreements to prevent the competition from unfairly hiring away key employees. However, noncompete agreements must allow an employee the right to make a living.

Reasonableness In Noncompete Agreements

Reasonableness is the key to drafting an enforceable noncompete agreement. The test for reasonableness is highly fact-dependent. A reasonable noncompete agreement may limit a person from working within a few miles of his former employer, or it may limit the person from working anywhere in the world if necessary to protect a business. The employment relationship and contractual relationship of the parties to a noncompete agreement is the most critical factor in the analysis of enforceability. A noncompete agreement that is unreasonable because it is too broad will be scaled back if it is, in fact, capable of being narrowed.

Let Our Team Analyze Your Noncompete Agreement

At Phillips Law Firm, Inc., we help analyze your noncompete agreement to ensure that its duration, geographic reach and scope will be enforced “only to the extent . . . necessary to protect the legitimate business interests of the employer.” Recognized legitimate business interests are generally identified as the protection of trade secrets, confidential information and goodwill. Similarly, we have represented individuals in negotiating an exit from an employer with a noncompete requirement, and when necessary, we have represented employees in overturning noncompete agreements that were unreasonable. Beware that except for very limited situations, certain jurisdictions like California do not enforce noncompete agreements based upon “public policy” considerations. If you or your business needs help with a noncompete agreement, contact the experienced attorneys at Phillips Law Firm, Inc.

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