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Our attorneys draw upon their diverse backgrounds to provide strategic and creative solutions to complex legal problems. Our diversity includes backgrounds in engineering and business to political science, education, mathematics, insurance and journalism. As trial lawyers, we have nearly 100 years of combined legal experience. We thoroughly analyze each and every detail to craft solid legal strategies that are aimed at results - while remaining well-grounded in the law. Our attention to detail has helped not only to achieve results, but also to shape and define the law. 

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How To Choose A Personal Injury Lawyer

When trying to determine which lawyer to hire for your personal injury case, there are many important factors for you to consider. Things to consider include the following:

  • Does the lawyer have the experience needed for your case and your injuries? At Phillips Law Firm, Inc., our lawyers have handled complicated injuries and complicated cases for over 25 years.
  • Is it convenient to meet with the lawyer? At our office, you can park for free literally 30 feet from the door in our private parking lot. This may seem trivial at first, until you have been injured and have to limp from a parking lot two blocks away to meet with your lawyer.
  • Is the lawyer a negotiator or a litigator? Most often, you want a litigator. A litigator is someone who will file a lawsuit on your behalf and take the case to court to represent you.
  • Is the lawyer a trial attorney? Just because a lawyer is a litigator, does not mean the lawyer is a trial attorney. A trial attorney is someone who is comfortable in the courtroom presenting evidence, questioning witnesses and presenting your case to the jury. A litigator who is not experienced at going to trial could potentially lose your case by falling apart in front of the jury.
  • Does the lawyer know how to negotiate? There is an art to negotiating, and not every lawyer is good at it. If you hire a lawyer who is afraid to litigate, or who is unskilled at trial practice, you could also be at a disadvantage during negotiations. For example, consciously or subconsciously your lawyer may not get you the best settlement if the lawyer lacks confidence with litigation or trials.
  • No job is complete until the paperwork is finished. The lawyer must be experienced with negotiating after a settlement or trial. If you had insurance that paid your medical bills, your insurance company will want to be paid out of the settlement. If Medicaid or Medicare paid for your medical care, the government will want to be paid. If you had no insurance, and you still owe your doctors and hospitals for your treatment, your doctors and hospitals will want to be paid. The lawyer whom you hire must be willing to negotiate the payment of these expenses on your behalf as part of your case.
  • Can the lawyer handle probate court? If your claim involves a wrongful death claim, the probate court must be involved to determine who inherits the money. Under the Ohio wrongful death statute, the spouse, parents and children are presumed to receive proceeds from a wrongful death claim, but anyone can make a claim for a portion of the proceeds in a wrongful death case. Our law firm once handled a case where a young cousin who was close to the person who died received a large fraction of the settlement. The lawyer must be prepared to deal with the complexities of probate court.
  • Does your case involve an injury to a juvenile? If it does, the lawyer must be able to handle setting up a trust to guard the money until the injured juvenile becomes an adult. The parents of the injured juvenile do not get the money, and the lawyer must be capable of putting together a guardianship trust to protect the money for the benefit of the juvenile. Settlements for a juvenile must be approved by probate court also.
  • Do you get personalized attention, or are you just another file number? The lawyers at Phillips Law Firm, Inc., handle their cases personally. You talk to your lawyer when you call, not with a file clerk. Every client is our most important client.

Phillips Law Firm, Inc., has been handling personal injury cases for over 25 years in the same convenient location for our clients. Your case is not too complicated, and your injuries are not too complex for us to present to a jury to get the best result for you. If you have been injured, and you believe someone else was the cause of your injuries, we can help you.

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If you have been injured, you probably need a personal injury lawyer’s advice. You need someone who has experience in personal injury claims. To find out if Phillips Law Firm, Inc., is right for you, sit down with us to discuss your claim. We do not charge anything for an initial consultation. If you have trouble coming to us, we can come to you. Meeting face to face is important so that we can talk about your case, and you can talk to us about your injuries and who caused them.

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