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Insurance Claims in Ohio

Insurance companies make money by selling insurance that they hope you will never use. So what happens if you need to use your insurance? Oftentimes, your insurance company should quickly step in and protect you, or simply pay for your loss. What happens if the insurance company refuses? Some insurance companies have adopted the “delay, deny, defend” strategy when you make a claim. First, your claim is delayed because insurance adjusters must review your claim to determine if you are eligible to receive any benefits. Then the insurance company will deny the claim due to some technical issues such as not filling out paperwork correctly or claim that your policy does not cover your claim. Finally, if you sue the insurance company, they defend as if you are trying to steal their money for asking them to honor the insurance contract that they sold to you.

Insurance Claims: Protect Yourself

To protect yourself when you have an insurance claim, you should hire an attorney to review your insurance contract, and to make sure that you meet the deadlines for filing a claim, appropriately complete the paperwork requested by the insurance company to support your claim, and then to follow through with the insurance company in the event your claim is delayed or denied for any reason. Finally, if your claim is denied, you will want your attorney to take legal action to represent you in court so that you receive the benefit of being insured.

Not all insurance companies are bad, some are good and really have a practice of helping people. But even the good insurance companies can have employees who make bad decisions affecting your rights. The attorneys at Phillips Law Firm, Inc., have worked with people and with insurance companies to determine the benefits promised when an insurance claim is made. When an insurance company fails to provide the protection required by the insurance policy, we have sued insurance companies for “Bad Faith” handling of the insurance claim. If you have an insurance claim, and you want to talk to somebody who understands the world of insurance issues and coverage that are facing you, we can help you. Whether your car was damaged in a crash, you experienced a house fire or were injured in an accident, you deserve the benefits of the insurance you have been paying for.

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