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Ohio Statute Of Limitations Resource Guide


The references below are to the “Ohio Revised Code” and should provide a quick answer when advising a client about the statute of limitations related to a particular type of lawsuit.


The following statute of limitations are located in the Ohio Revised Code:


Abortion, 2305.11
Abortion, failure to perform, 2305.116
Absence from state, effect of, on, 2305.11
Accrual of cause of action generally, 2305.01.2
Agent orange exposure, 2305.10
Antenuptial or separation agreement with decedent, 2106.22
Appeals, 2505.07, Ohio Appellate Rule 4
Architects, 2305.13.1
Asbestos exposure, 2305.10
Asbestos related claims by school districts, 2305.091
Assault or battery, 2305.111
Assault or battery against mental health professional, 2305.115
Bodily injury, 2305.10
Bonds, official, 2305.12
Bonds, payment of, suits to enjoin, 733.60
Breach of contract, 1302.98
Business opportunity sale, 1334.10
Childhood sexual abuse, 2305.111

Claims against estates, 2117.06, 2117.07, 2117.12

Not revived by new administrator, 2117.33

Commercial paper, 1303.16
Concealment, effect of defendant’s, 2305.15
Contingent claims at time of death, 2117.37 through 2117.42

Contracts –

In writing, 2305.06

Municipal, enjoining, 733.60

Not in writing, 2305.07

Part payment, effect of, 2305.08

Sale, for, breach of, 1302.98

Criminal prosecutions, 2901.13
Dalkon shield claims, 2305.101
Diethylstilbestrol, exposure, 2305.10
Dismemberment feticide, 2305.114
Diversion of line, damages for, railroads, 4961.08
Engineers, 2305.131
Environmental law violations, civil or administrative penalties, 3745.31
False imprisonment, 2305.11
Fraud, 2305.09
Identity Fraud, 2305.112
Illegal taxes, recovery of, 2723.01
Imprisonment, effect, 2305.15
Infant, limitation of right of, to show cause against judgment, 2323.21
Intentional tort by employer, 2305.11.2
Investment or deposit of unclaimed funds, by executor or administrator, not a defense re, 2113.66
Lapse of time as bar, 2305.03
Legal malpractice, 2305.11, 2305.117
Libel, 2305.11
Malicious Prosecution, 2305.11
Malpractice, 2305.11
Medical Malpractice, 2305.113
Mines, injury to, 2305.09
Minimum wage and hour law, actions under, 2305.11
Minors, tolling of action, 2305.16
Monopoly, 1331.12
Municipal income tax, 718.06
Natural resources severance tax, 5749.08
New trial, on, application for, after term, by petition, 2321.21, 2321.22
Oil or gas lease, 1302.98, 2305.06
Other relief, 2305.14
Partial birth feticide. 2305.114
Penalty or forfeiture, 2305.11
Personal income tax, 5747.13

Personal property –

Injury to, 2305.10

Recovery of, 2305.09

Premises Liability Statute of Repose, 2305.131
Products liability, 2305.10

Real property for –

Dedicated to public uses, 2305.05

Improvements to, 2305.13.1

Recovery of, title of, 2305.04, 2305.05, 2305.22

Trespass upon, 2305.09

Underground, and injury to mines, 2305.09

Registration of land title, relative to, 5310.12
Relief, for other, 2305.14
Revivor of action, of judgment, 2325.18
Revivor of action, when parties die, 2311.33, 2311.34
Sales, 1302.98
Sales tax, four-year limitation for assessments, 5739.16
Sales tax refund, 5739.07
Slander, 2305.11
Statutory lien, enforcement of, 2305.26
Tolling during defendant’s absence, concealment or imprisonment, 2305.15
Tolling due to minority or unsound mind, 2305.16
Torts, certain, 2305.09
Trespass 2305.09
Trust, continuing and subsisting, 2305.22
Trusts, certain revocable, 2305.12.1
Unsound mind, tolling of action due to, 2305.16
Use tax assessment, 5741.16
Validity of title, action of, forfeited lands, 5723.13
Waiver of, relative to deficiency judgments, 2329.08
Waste or injury to real property, 2305.09
Workers’ compensation, 4123.84, 4123.85
Wrongful death, 2125.02


The references above are to the “Ohio Revised Code” and should provide a quick answer when advising a client about the statute of limitations related to a particular type of lawsuit.


STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS DISCLAIMER!  There may be other statutes of limitations that apply to your case.  To find the correct statute of limitations, work with an attorney who knows how to interpret your case.  For example, if someone pushes you, and you fall and break a hip, was it negligence (a two year statute of limitations), or assault and battery (a one year statute of limitations)?  As a general rule, the code section to the Ohio Revised Code below should lead you to the correct statute of limitations for a particular case.  However, for every rule, there is an exception, and for every exception, there is a rule.  Phillips Law Firm, Inc. is happy to help you, if you need assistance.